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2010 Business Plan

All the strategic planning of the company was created along with the services that would be offered on the market and the determination of accreditation institute that would work in partnership with the organization.

2011 Name and Logo definition

Determination of the name and logo. Various names and logos have been developed to represent the idea of the organization. The High name was chosen due to the idea of the organization to raise the level of service on the market, and the balls that come with the logo represent one of the simplest forms, and are associated with ease and simplicity in which we do our work, coupled with our processes and management system.

2011 EXIN Accreditation

High IT became accredited by EXIN (Institute and business partner chosen to support our activities). Our accreditation process was conducted in only one month, hitting international records in the time of establishment of procedures, training materials and audit.

2012 Products launches

We performed the largest product launch (Cloud Computing, Green IT and Business Information Management) for more than 200 guests and experts in a large mansion in São Paulo – Brazil. From this launching movements mainly the Brazilian market, influencing various organizations and candidates in completing these trainings and certification exams shortly after launch.

2013 Great consultancies in the past

We conducted a certification project based on 3 standards (ISO 27001, 20000 and 9001) with one of the largest Brazilian IT companies (Resource IT). In just 6 months of project our client was certified by the German certification body DQS after 12 days of audit. A certification project involving these 3 ISO standards had never been performed around the world, confirming our pioneering and competence in the subject.

2013 Biggest Portfolio

We achieved the highest portfotlio of accredited official trainings of ITSM and IT Governance in the world, along with one of the largest networks of accredited partners.

2014 International Sales

The organization became international and started the sales outsite Brazil.

Candidates and Partners Services

We carry out the implementation of a large management system that provides tools and free services for candidates such as: sample exams, career tracking, certificate storage, etc. For partners have developed automated tools for locating trainers, logistics involved in training, providing certificate for candidates and delivery of materials.

2015 Name and Logo Change

After 4 years in the market and offers made we understand that the organization expanded its knowledge surpassing the IT line and needed to improve its position in the market. Thus was born the HSI Institute, which provides various contents in management, governance, audit, information, business, technical, sustainability and more.


Know the principles that guide the conduct of the company.

Who we are

We are the most innovative company in the market. The company was born from the idea to offer services to customers in a simplified, personalized and totally different way from the services already offered in the market, delivering business value to our customers and partners at justifiable costs.

Our mission it is to provide innovative services based on the value of human capital itself, of our partners and customers.

Quality Management System

Through our Quality Management System based on ISO 9001, our services are evaluated monthly internally and with our partners and customers to define and implement corrective, preventive and improvement actions to increasingly offer better, reliable and innovative services for all our customers and partners. The methodologies used in the Quality Management System (QMS) are: PDCA, 5W2H, Ishikawa Diagram, FTA, DMAIC and DFSS. The continuous improvement of the service is accomplished for all services offered by it high and not only part of them.


Our mission it is to provide innovative services based on the value of human capital itself, of our partners and customers.
Guarantee that candidates turns their skills into reputation though accredited training.

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